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Jon Leonard

Jon Leonard

Phone Number Available upon request
GitHub Profile https://github.com/jnleonard3
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I develop awesome software to solve interesting problems


Citigroup Applications Developer - New York, NY - 2013-til

Dignitas Technologies Software Engineer - Orlando, FL - 2009-til

The Coordinating Center IS Intern - Millersville, MD - 2006-2007


Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT)

GIFT Image 1 GIFT Image 2
Webpage https://gifttutoring.org
GIFT is a modular architecture for developing tutoring systems. 2.5 million SLOC with an Ant build script. The architecture is primarily in Java but supports any language that can communicate via JMS. Modular elements of the architecture communicate JSON encoded messages via JMS with an ActiveMQ message bus and Camel message router. XML is the basis for module configuration. User history, user data, and survey results are saved to a MySQL database with a Hibernate interface. Users interact with a GWT web application to receive tutoring and develop surveys, hosted by a Jetty application server. Custom HTML5, CSS, and Javascript have been written to handle GWT gaps. Customizations have been made to the JVM. GIFT also has been interfaced with a Microsoft Kinect with a custom C# library and JNI interface. GIFT also can interface with VBS2's C++ plugin interface.
Java ▪ ActiveMQ ▪ Jetty ▪ GWT ▪ MySQL ▪ Hibernate ▪ C++

Chicken Zombie Bonanza

Chicken Zombie Bonanza Image 1 Chicken Zombie Bonanza Image 2
Webpage https://code.google.com/p/chicken-zombie-bananza
This is a video game where your Android mobile device becomes a viewport to a world, not unlike our own, where zombie chickens have infested. The mobile device's GPS is used to augment reality so that where you stand matters; you may pick up a power up or have to fight off zombies. The mobile device's accelerometer is used with OpenGL to render the zombie chickens relative to where you are looking. A zombie may literally sneak up behind you if you aren't careful. I was the leader, from design to release, of a 5 person team to produce the game in 4 months. A full design and architecture (UML) document was created to guide development.
Java ▪ Android ▪ GPS ▪ GIS ▪ OpenGL ▪ Augmented Reality ▪ UML

Common Embedded Training System (CETS)

CETS is a modification of US Army's OneSAF to provide training and simulation for tank gunnery. Modifications to OneSAF were made in Java, with additional tools written in C++. The Delta3D engine was used for rendering the simulation in real time using a custom C++ DIS parser. I was the primary tester; I developed, maintained, and executed test documentation and procedures. I also developed a custom scripting language and parser in C++ to automate testing. I developed a graphing utility in C++ utilizing Qt to capture and analyze raw data broadcast by the software in real time.
Java ▪ OneSAF ▪ C++ ▪ Qt ▪ Delta3D

University of Central Florida Graduated 2011

Major: Bachelor's in Computer Science

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.5
  • Took courses in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Computer Graphics
  • Developed Chicken Zombie Bonanza in a team of 5 students
Skills / Knowledge

Programming / Scripting Languages

C, C++, Java, Javascript, C#, Lisp, Visual Basic .NET, Windows Batch, Bash, Python, Q


Spring, Hibernate, jUnit, jQuery, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Android SDK, Qt, OpenGL, Microsoft Kinect, OpenSceneGraph


ActiveMQ, Jetty, Apache Camel, node.js



Data Formats


Computer Skills

Windows, Linux, SVN, Git, Software Testing, Software Debugging, Microsoft productivity software (Word, Excel, etc)

Rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America in 2006
1st Place in Cyber Security Competition for the Maryland Regional 2006-07 FBLA Conference
1st Place in Cyber Security Competition for the Maryland State 2006-07 FBLA Conference
National Competitor in Cyber Security Competition at the 2007 National FBLA Conference